About Us

We are a creative team made up of software developers, designers, and digital marketers working for clients who need our expertise, help, and guidance. We help businesses with their web presence and custom software solutions.

We are resolving problems for our clients by providing custom digital solutions so our clients can focus on running their business without interruptions. In many cases, our clients have reported back to us that by implementing our solutions, they’ve seen an efficiency increase, leading to greater profit margins.

User experience, eCommerce business, payment integrations, inventory and data management, custom Content Management Systems, server setup and hosting, and database are among our most valued services.

The MaivDigital team creates engaging websites to meet your business needs, modern user experience, and slick design.

Whenever you are planning to create a new website platform, want a redesign of the existing, or need a custom software solution, the MaivDigital team is here for you.

Our Team

We are a professional team that has more than 10 years of experience working in the web industry. After knowing each other for so many years we decided to create a digital company that will provide excellent customer service by utilizing custom digital solutions.

  • Mack R.

  • CEO, Software Engineer

  • Ivan P.

  • CTO, IT & Security

  • Tomica T.

  • Art Director, Web & Print

  • Krista R.

  • Design, Creative writing