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UX/UI Design

What is UX/UI?

UX/UI Design (user experience, interaction) is still misunderstood and mistaken for Web Design.

It is a crucial part of the Design process and it is what makes or break the website. Online are use to website interaction design assets like buttons, links, menu, sliders etc. This is why UX/UI needs to follow a guide line set by designers and professionals in order to comply with web standards and serve as reliable tools.

Like mentioned above certain dimensions, colors and style needs to be followed in order for user to use these assets and smoothly interact with the website. Any deviation from this might results in user increase of bounce rate from the website and lost sales.

Great Design leads to Sales

Web Design is crucial part of any website and user interaction. In gains users trust and confirms identity and branding. Clean, professional looks websites will lead to increase user use and sales.

If user needs to click through more then 3 links/pages to find the information, they will likely go to another source. Another example is if buttons on the website are too small for mobile devices, users will have difficult time navigating and using website links/buttons.

What does UX/UI Design Includes

There are seven main factors to consider for user experience and user interaction.

  • Useful: Does your website content and design fulfill a need? Do your customers find the information on your website to be useful?
  • Usable: Is your website simple to use? What is the load speed?
  • Desirable: Does your website appeal to your audience? Does your website grab user’s attention?
  • Findable: How can users find your website? Does it appears on search engines when user search for a specific phrase?
  • Accessible: Is your website accessible by all? Does it accommodate users with disabilities?
  • Credible: Does your website support and provides truthful information?
  • Valuable: Does your website provide valuable information? Does it have and hold a value?


Branding & Identity

It is always in your brand’s best interest to provide a stellar experience for users visiting your website. Consistent use of font style, colors for your branding material is recommended across all digital platforms, specifically social media.

From the device, your visitors use to access your website to the appearance of your website, the overall UX of your site can have a lasting effect on your brand’s online reputation.