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Tivat.travel is tourist organization for Mediterranean city Tivat in the state of Montenegro. Since the launch of the new website, Tivat Travel has seen some spikes in traffic and it was reported that user experience rose to a significate level.

“Now we have a website that we can be proud of and our users can easily interact with”, one of the comments that we have received from our client.

Tivat Travel website has over 30,000 monthly visitors and in the summer time this number rise up to 100,000 visitors. The website is showcasing festivals, events, has over 1,000 posts and articles and serves as a tourist guide.

Tourists and local population in search of accommodation, tourist guide information and documentation can find a lot of valuable information, showcased imagery, guides and similar.

Our team has done everything from the designing layouts, illustration assets to custom software solutions, implementing in-house plugins and setting/managing complex city network with free wi-fi. Complete re-make of their previous web platform has been done and as a direct result we have seen a traffic increase, improved UX and UI and appraisals from the audience.

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