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MaivDigital team | Updated on Dec 9, 2023

In this post we will reflect on our recent client project and talk about our success.

As we all learn and grow with each experience this is a great time to capture and rejoice our success and share our thoughts with you, our reader.

MaivDigital team has over 10 years of experience delivering beautiful designed and fully functioning Websites and Web Apps.

In our career we have been working for many different industries from small to large size business.


If we have to make one constant in all of our project we would choose “Communication and Relationship“.


Our Approach and Process

From the start of our business we had this approach and we were hoping for the best. We quickly realized that our client’s appreciate our trust and clear communication so we started building close business relationship, managing their assets, answering their questions, follow up meetings, video presentations etc…

Every project is different and usually clients come to us by recommendation or if they have problems with their website or software. Our team is here to address all issues and honor their requests.

After a first discovery stage we complete the list of the current assessment and provide our recommendations. There is always more than one way to go about and we want to present our clients with every possible solution from the start.

At this time in the process our clients can see and appreciate the knowledge that we share with them and start gaining more trust in our business.

Knowing and understanding the problems is half work that needs to be done. Other half is the execution.

With the series of setups and delivery deadlines for each milestone our client can see the progress and our dedicated work. We share instructions, via email and follow up meetings, provide guidelines and short tutorials. This work is all commenced within pre defined budget that both parties agree upon.

The end results is fine tuned, professional and modern Web Software that we can be proud of and as a direct consequence our clients are happy and satisfied. More to this note falls under the performance improvements and cost savings.

Website Performance improvements and cost savings are reflected in each of our projects.

Just to name a few:

  • Server load and computing cost savings
  • Server storage savings by implementing cleanups and optimized assets (files storage, images and other assets)
  • Third party software cost savings by creating a custom solution for our client’s web apps
  • On going tech support cost savings – our team fix/build it and can maintain it for very low cost rather then outsourcing someone else

Faster loading web apps will generate more traffic and more time spend on the pages. It improves user experience as users can easily navigate, search and interact with the web app. Cost savings on website resources directly influence the money savings each month bringing the overall business expenses down.


Website and web apps have to be treated as your business, your store front. Like any other machine it does require updates, cleanups and fixes from time to time. Having outdated and slow response website is not good for business and will pull in lower ranking for SEO and Google.

We are here to help and be your web service choice provider. We hope that this post has helped and answered some of your questions.

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We greatly appreciate your time and interest.

MaivDigital Team.





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