Vancouver eCommerce website project

MaivDigital team | Published on Jan 12, 2023
Photo by MaivDigital team

A new client website project has been launched last month. 😊 😎

Our team has been working hard on this project and we are very proud of the results.
Checkout the finished website and design at this link.


About the project

MaivDigital team has done complete re-design and re-build of the website, server, email and social media setup. In addition our team has ongoing contract to support and manage social media channels for our client. Since the launch of the new website our team has successfully gain additional 800 followers on Instagram and Facebook by running customized campaigns via posts, reels and stories. Featured a Instagram shop channel that is connected to the website shop.

The challenge

Website design and User Experience was outdated with wrong content information and checkout process. Content itself was lacking the key words and SEO tune up. Social media channels was outdated and lacking professional presence.

Since this is an eCommerce website project main focus was placed on the products and the story behind them. It was important to highlight the benefits that each products has and customers testimonials.

About the client

A well known Vancouver skin care company Serftosurf has been in business since early 2002. They carry some really great organic and vegan friendly products. All hand crafted and made in Canada from only the best organic materials.

After the discovery and initial meeting with our client, MaivDigital has started planning out what would become ongoing professional and trustworthy relationship.

Our client talked about the problems that his company is experiencing and what his company has achieved in the recent years. Our client explained their product line and company history. Our team had a chance to try most of their products, which we must say are amazing.

At first our client was hesitant to hire us since their experience with the previous company was not that great. Our team made sure that we explain and present the initial plans and layouts to the client before we actually start working. Our team wanted to make sure that our client is happy and confident that MaivDigital will do the awesome job and deliver within the agreed deadline.